Analyzator RNG program for hacking a slot machine (using a mobile phone)

Distant method win slot machines (hacking using a mobile phone)
This method will only work on the original slot machines Gaminator:
CoolFire-1, as well as being in some versions of the Super V+. Program
Analyzator generates files for mobile phones with expansion: NRD
and MAP. Algorithms will help you win to get
free games (bonus) or line with symbols a large value.
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To start working you need to record video spins on the slot machine to any mobile phone with a video camera. To generates a file, with algorithms, needed captured video (15 or 30 spins). The program will analyze these frames are, and create the necessary algorithms (*.nrd files) for work on phone. The files generated by the software must be installed on the phone.
A special program on the smartphone is synchronized with the slot machine using the combinations entered through the phone. After synchronization with the slot, it will know in advance all the winning moments that it will give out slot machine for a long time. The phone will signal at what moment you need to press the start button. The signal is a short vibration from the phone. During the signals, you need to press the start button of the slot machine and receive your winnings.
The proposed method is based on miscalculation a random number generator slot machine and create files with the continuation of all subsequent winning results.
The method works with the next list of games:
Multi-Gaminator and HotSpot Platinum; Version: 5.6 – 5.7; some old versions Super V+. This method is not breaking the gaming machines and does not require access to the electronics.
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In the next video I will show you how to work with a mobile phone on a slot machine in practice.
Content provided is for informational purposes. All responsibility for using the programs and causing harm to third parties lies with you.


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