Las Vegas Casino Music Video: For Night Game of Poker, Blackjack, Roulette Wheel & Slots

Las Vegas casino music video – for night game of poker, blackjack, roulette wheel and slots.

Featured in this collection are:

Track 1: Amor maior – Higher Love (starts at 00:00)
Track 2: Exuberante – Bountiful (starts at 02:42)
Track 3: By Your Side (starts at 07:54)
Track 4: Perto de você – Close to you (starts at 10:53)
Track 5: Endless Summer – Extended Edition (starts at 16:46)
Track 6: Glide with me (starts at 37:43)
Track 7: A glória do amor – Glory of love (starts at 40:43)
Track 8: Halos of Eternity (starts at 46:28)
Track 9: Apaixonado por Ipanema – In love with Ipanema (starts at 49:29)
Track 10: Ipanema à noite – Ipanema by night (starts at 54:17)
Track 11: Apenas um sonho – Just a dream (starts at 59:02)
Track 12: Luar sobre o mar – Moonlight Over The Sea (starts at 01:03:01)
Track 13: Memoir of Summer (starts at 01:06:08)
Track 14: Oh meu doce Rio – Oh My Sweet Rio (starts at 01:09:02)
Track 15: Mais uma vez – One more time (starts at 01:12:43)
Track 16: Uma noite no céu – One night in heaven (starts at 1:18:35)
Track 17: Paradise in Fernando de Noronha (starts at 01:22:58)
Track 18: Pathway To Haven (starts at 01:28:03)
Track 19: Rejubilar – Rejoice (starts at 01:33:35)
Track 20: Sacopenapã / Copacabana (starts at 01:36:19)
Track 21: Sons da floresta – Sounds Of Forest (starts at 01:39:20)
Track 22: Starry Nights (starts at 01:42:42)
Track 23: Sussurros do mar- Whispers of sea (starts at 01:45:55)
Track 24: Uma noite para recordar – A Night To Remember (starts at 01:48:58)
Track 25: Sweet Lullaby (stars at 01:52:03)

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